Class 3 material

Directions:  Download the quiz on Chapters 2 and 3 in the manual.  You can print off the quiz or just write down the answers on your own piece of paper.  Next, download the pdf versions of the PowerPoint and take notes on the slides.  You should have 2 pages of notes from the PowerPoint slides. Watch all the videos and do the reading assignment.  Hand in your notes and quiz answers to your instructor in class.

Class 2 material

Directions:  Download the attached PowerPoint slideshow and take notes on it.  You should have at least 2 full pages of notes and the videos.  Watch the video and take notes.  After you do the powerpoint and videos, download the Alert and Warning symbols worksheet.  Fill out as many as you can on your own.  The answers are at the bottom.  Finally, download the road signs quiz.  On your own paper put the answers and hand this in to your instructor. Thanks.  Text 242-6237 if you have any questions.