Class 5 material

Directions:  Do the Opening Activity by clicking on the link. Download the attached PowerPoint slideshow (pdf version) and take notes.  You should have at least two pages of notes.  Also, download and do the Driving Worksheet and complete.  Watch the videos.  Next, do the reading and download and complete the homework questions. Take the short quiz and click submit.  I will receive the quiz and grade it.  Submit all your notes, worksheet, and homework on Day 6 in class. Thanks.

Class 4 material

Directions:  Complete the opening quiz. Download the attached PowerPoint slideshow and take notes on it.  You need to have at least 2 pages of notes.  Watch the video and take notes.  You need to have 1 full page of notes.  After you watch the video please take the 10 question quiz at the bottom.  Also,  you need to create a poster on ONE of the 4 sections listed in your Handbook.  Directions for this are below.  Thanks.  Text 242-6237 if you have any questions.  Upload and Submit all your notes and assignments below.

  • Opening Activity - TEST

  • Powerpoints (PDF Versions)

  • Video

  • Poster ACTIVITY

    • Pick one of the following sections below and create your own poster describing the section explained in your handbook.  Use pictures, or charts, bullet items, large titles, diagrams.  You can do this on the size of a regular sheet of paper or larger if you would like.  You can draw and color the pictures or get pictures from magazines and glue them onto the paper.  Make sure that it is more that just words on your poster.  Do your best to explain with the poster the the section you chose.  You can take a picture of this document and upload the file. Here are the sections:
    • Defensive Driving, pg. 92
    • Following Distances, pg. 81
    • Winter Driving, pg. 118
    • Accidents and the Law, pg. 125
  • Reading Homework - Read pages 84-88 in Handbook
  • DAY 4 Homework
  • quiz below​